Strawberry Crack

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It’s time for you to start rolling up that Strawberry Crack, people. This is the delectable cross you’ve been longing for. Who’d have guessed that the delectable ‘Strawberry Snow Cone’ would be combined with the fan favourite ‘Green Crack’. It’s no surprise that people gravitate to this strain because of the long-lasting benefits and mouth-watering flavour! Clear out the old rubbish to make room for that creative buzz that will allow you to think outside of the box and enter the flow state for those nights when you need a little extra drive.THC levels can be fairly high, reaching up to 28% in some cases. Nice solid nugs with a faint pungency on the skunky side with an aroma of freshly picked sweet strawberries and earth. Milky trichomes cover the buds, which have purple hairs running through them, creating the ideal blend of exterior visual appeal and flavour.


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1 review for Strawberry Crack

  1. Alex Kitchen

    this strawberry crack has a great taste and the smoke is clear. i lose my track of though. its definitely a hard hitter. would buy again . waiting them to restock 🙂

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